Women’s Foundation of Minnesota Takes the Mic

A collaboration with #SHARETHEMICMN aims to amplify the voices of young women working to overcome opportunity gaps by pairing them with business leaders.
January 28, 2021

Two local organizations focused on advancing women of color are teaming up to amplify the work, lives, and stories of young BIPOC leaders in Minnesota. Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and #SHARETHEMICMN, an effort launched last summer, have embarked on a three-month collaboration, that places junior leaders at the center of conversations and solutions by pairing them with state change makers to “share the mic” on social media.

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Worthington natives participate in ‘mic share’ with other state leaders

Both women enjoyed, learned from their experience.
Written By: Leah Ward | 

WORTHINGTON — When two organizations, #SHARETHEMICMN and the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, decided to team up for a series of “mic share” events between leaders across the state, two Worthington women seemed like perfect fits to take part in the first event.

Cheniqua Johnson wears many public-service-related hats. Currently serving as the legislative assistant to the U.S. House of Representatives Aviation Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and as a relationship manager at the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, Johnson recently completed a three-month stint as Worthington’s honorary city council member. On Tuesday, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced that he has selected Johnson as one of 15 members of the newly formed Advisory Task Force on Expanding the Economic Security of Women.

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Women leaders in MN share the mic to broaden the conversation

After Black women activists took over the social media platforms of white celebrities last summer, similar “share the mic” campaigns sprung up around the country.

A local “share the mic” effort is under way in Minnesota. Over three Fridays this winter, established women in politics, business, media and philanthropy are handing over their Twitter feeds and Instagram accounts to young women leaders of color. The campaign —#WFMNXSHARETHEMICMN — is a partnership between the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and a social media effort started by Twin Cities business consultant, speaker and coach Jasmine Brett Stringer.

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