“Collaborating with the Women Foundation of Minnesota’s Young Women’s Initiative is a natural fit for #SHARETHEMICMN because it supports our greater mission of making Minnesota a more equitable state. It’s important that we bring disenfranchised and often unheard younger women on the journey with us and help them amplify and expand the reach of their voices as it pertains to the impactful work they’re doing in their communities and our state.”

Jasmine Brett Stringer, Founder #SHARETHEMICMN and
Carpe Diem with Jasmine

“Women’s history is being written today. Young women leaders are leading now, not waiting for the future. Sharing the mic is one way we are building, yielding, and sharing power with young women who hold solutions for our most pressing issues.”

Gloria Perez, President and CEO of the of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota.

About the Collaboration

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota (WFMN) and #SHARETHEMICMN are collaborating to amplify the work, lives, and stories of the brilliant young women between the ages of 12 and 24, from eight demographic communities across Minnesota that face opportunity gaps, including African American, African Immigrant, American Indian, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Latina, LGBTQ*, Disabilities, and Greater Minnesota who are leading in Minnesota today. On January 22, 2021  February 26, 2021 and March 26, 2021 the voices of the Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota will take over the media channels of a diverse cross-section of statewide leaders to highlight the change that is possible when we put young women who’ve been pushed to the margins at the center of solutions.

As WFMN launches the newest appointees of the Young Women’s Cabinet and Executive Council in January 2021 with the Governor’s Office of Minnesota and enters its fifth year of creating a state in which all young women thrive, we know the time is now for statewide leaders to listen to the powerful voices of young women who are at the forefront of movements for change. When we collaborate across sectors to change inequitable systems and catalyze opportunity, safety, and leadership for our state’s women and girls, we are taking action for equity.